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Nissa Cannon
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Dear Faye,

Thank you for a wonderful talk! Your connection between geographic mobility and class mobility was so insightful. I'm so excited to be introduced to the term "advertorial"--a technique I've been talking about in interwar newspapers without knowing there was a word for it! I'm fascinated to see all the overlap in advertising practices between these magazines and the Paris-American newspapers I seem to usually be lost in. Thank you again--the whole thing was great.

Faye Hammill
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Thank you Nissa: that is very kind. Your comment made me wonder how old the term 'advertorial' was. OED gives three examples from the 1910s and 1920s, including one from 1920 which is rather intriguing: "If we set up a national ideal today, and deliberately..promoted it in the advertorial columns of the newspapers" (CF Higham). I wonder what the context could have been? Anyway, I don't think it became a widely used term until the mid-20thC, but it certainly is a useful one in terms of exploring the relationship between commercial and editorial materials. I am looking forward to hearing more about the Paris Americxan periodicals and - of course! - you actually are going to be talking about  a newspaper supplement. I was forgetting that earlier when I was asking, re the other keynote, who was working on those.