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Nudes on the cover


Giulia Pra Floriani
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Dear Prof. Hockx: thank you so much for the interesting presentation and for sharing with us such interesting material.
I was wondering whether around 1914 it was already allowed to paint nudes in private painting schools in China, and whether this might have encouraged Gao Jianhua to use the nude image on the magazine cover.

It would be interesting to know who is the author of that image. Looking at the sensuality and the provocative attitude of the girl, a male gaze seems to be implied. Is it possible that the image was later changed into a less sexually-denoted image in order to better mirror the editor's orientation?

Michel Hockx
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Dear Guilia,

Yes, nude painting in art schools was just about starting to happen around that time as well.

The author of the cover image is Zheng Mantuo 郑曼陀, a famous commercial artist who was making a name for himself around that time with nude images in various contexts (calendar posters, advertisements, etc.)

For more detail, I refer to my recent article co-authored with Liying Sun. A link to that should be available somewhere on the Futurestates website!