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Samples of Chinese magazines


Patrick Rössler
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Dear Michel,

thanks for your inspiring talk and opening our perspectives for these media uncommon for Western eyes, I admit.

Please allow me a very simple question. Is it, by all means, possible to obtain original copies of the magazines you showed in your presentation for our collection of samples from global media? Our University tries to acquire not only complete runs but also singular issues for demonstration purposes, and I truly believe that, beyond all merits of digitization, we need to protect at least a few copies in their original state of publication for further study.

So, if you can provide any contact to (English-speaking) sources for purchasing a few of these magazines please let me know, and I will establish a contact with our University's library.

Many thanks & all best from Germany

Michel Hockx
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Dear Patrick,

Thank you, and yes, it is possible. There is a lively market for these things, and plenty of private collectors and sellers. I suggest that you contact my former PhD student, Dr Lara Yuyu Yang, now a postdoc at the University of Freiburg. She is herself a collector and has excellent connections in China: .

Most sinological libraries in western countries do hold original copies as well. I am sure Heidelberg will have some, and I believe also the State Library in Berlin.