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Télémaque - pacifist or militarist?


Tim Satterthwaite
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Christophe: many thanks for this fascinating presentation. Télémaque is intriguing - I'd not come across it, so it's great that you have brought it into the light. Could you tell us a little more about the ideal of "stronger youth" the magazine promoted? Was this internationalist and pacifist, or militaristic? Were French youth being exhorted to toughen up in defence of la patrie or to reach out the hand of friendship to youths in other countries? Pacifism is such a powerful force in French political life, even into the late 1930s - did Télémaque take a position?

Christophe Premat
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Dear Tim, many thanks for your excellent question! From the few numbers that we have, it is hard to know. I saw a link between the hygienist discourse and maybe the militaristic aspect (French youth should find a new meaning in life and take part in the construction of the nation). In addition to this, the moralistic perspective (Young French people should devote time to sport and culture - a little bit like the Latin motto mens sana in corpore sano) and the background of the authors writing in the magazine lets me think that it is a conservative magazine that aimed at shaking French youth. Given these aspects, I would categorize the magazine near the militaristic ones but the magazine ceased to exist when pacifist/militaristic questions became crucial.