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Telemaque precursors


Patrick Rössler
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Hi Christophe,

thanks for putting a magazine in our focus I never heard of before. Please allow me two comments, rather than questions:

- What confused me sonewhat was that - and I am assuming this - you probably did not keep the aspect ratio when including the reproductions in your presentation. The images appear distorted, while the magazine was, my guess, published in a portrait format. Maybe this is not relevant for philologists, but for magazine research reproducing the magazines in the original aspect ratio is crucial. Thank you.

- You did not offer any comparisions to Telemaque's precursors; obviosuly the magazine was designed after the model of "Neue Jugend" published in Germany from 1931 onwards. But then the question arises why the popular "Neue Jugend" was such a huge success for more than seven years, while its French imitation ceased after a few issues. Do you have an explanation why the concept might have been appraised so differently in the two neighbouring countries?

Many thanks again for your presentation,


Christophe Premat
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Dear Patrick, thank you for the remark and the question.

-For the first one, yes I certainly adapted the copy to the slide, but please find the pdf of the magazine in portrait. The source is from the Gallica project (digital library linked to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

I will add the resources on the website.

-I am not sure whether the magazine was designed after the model of Neue Jugend published in Germany. I would say that the design is close to photojournalism with very interesting photographies that remind a little bit the magazine Vu from Lucien Vogel or La gazette du bon ton. 

 There is this idea of having an illustrated magazine maybe close to the Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung which was popular in the interwar period. The writers and sport journalists that wrote in Télémaque were engaged in other publications. Hervé Lauwick took part in the experience of La gazette du bon ton. I still need to understand why the experience of Télémaque did not succeed after the publication of a few numbers. Best,