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Travel Writing in Home and Man


Carey Snyder
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Thank you, Victoria and Susann, for an engaging and informative talk.  I was struck by the asymmetry between the gendered kinds of pleasure and wish-fulfillment that these two publications offered. On the one hand, for women writers like Preston, travel seems to offer self-development and worldly knowledge, as she views Asia and the Pacific as a "museum of colonial curiosities"; on the other hand, former service men and other male readers are offered these regions as a "zone of wish fulfillment", one that presumably entailed romantic/sexual conquests, as suggested by the images of scantily clad exotic women that you share.  (It is fascinating that Preston essentially airbrushed her husband out of the picture to present an image of the bold, independent, female traveler!)  But I'm wondering if, along with travel writing such as Preston's, Home also offered fiction that aligned travel with romance possibilities for the female traveler.  Or were these two modes of engaging with geopolitical spaces--self-enrichment and sexual/romantic fantasy--sharply gendered in these magazines?