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Mexican Folkways: search for a new female identity?


Karen Eckersley
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Hi Claudia,  This was a riveting presentation thank you.  I was particularly interested in your discussion of women's search for a new identity in post-revolutionary Mexico and how this manifested itself in many images of modern domesticity in the magazine.  Given that artists' contributions were welcome and that Diego Rivera played a significant role in the success of the magazine, to what extent did it feature women artists' work?

Claudia Cedeño Báez
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Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for your interest

As in most Mexican publications of the time, male artists predominate. Mexican Folkways includes the photographic work of Tina Modotti, pieces of folk art by some female artisans, and paintings, drawings or engravings made by the female students of the Outdoor Schools of Painting (Escuelas de Pintura al Aire Libre). It should be noted that unlike the recognition that Modotti enjoyed, the work of her female colleagues is not outlined individually rather it was conceived as a collective expression of the new national art.

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