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Adrien Rannaud
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Hi Jaleen, thank you for your great talk on Magazine Digest! I was very intrigued by your thoughts on Jewish identity in the magazine, and I was wondering if there were any texts, even minor ones, written in Yiddish in MD? Similarly, do you know of any magazines written in Yiddish in Toronto? Newspapers are known to be written specifically in Yiddish, as is the case with the Keneder Odler (Montreal). Do we have similar examples from media magazine?

Jaleen Grove
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Hello! - No, I do not recall seeing any Yiddish texts - caveat is that I did not get a chance to review the magazines in depth again because of the library closed due to COVID19 (my original research was in 2013-14 and on the artwork, not other content so much, and I had to scramble to get my talk done last minute due to busy semester). So maybe there is something, but I'd be surprised since the tenor of the magazine was to be fully mainstream. 

As for Yiddish magazines in Toronto of the period: I haven't looked, so I am unequipped to say (my area being visual culture not Jewish Studies).... there is The Hebrew Journal, which was a newspaper. It is discussed in Shapiro, The Rise of the Toronto Jewish Community. It seems that most of the Yiddish print matter was imported from New York City. This is the source for history of Jewish publishing - alas, I didn't get a chance to get into it again because of the closed libraries and too late for ordering it: