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Professor Melissa Miles is a photography historian and the Associate Dean, Research at Monash University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture in Melbourne, Australia. Her research explores the interdisciplinary qualities of photography and its movement across the domains of art, law, politics and history. The role of photographs in cross-cultural relations is another key area of research interest. She is author of Photography, Truth and Reconciliation (2019), Pacific Exposures: Photography and the Australia-Japan Relationship (with Robin Gerster, 2018), The Language of Light and Dark: Light and Place in Australian Photography (2015), The Burning Mirror: Photography in an Ambivalent Light (2008), and co-editor of The Culture of Photography in Public Space (with Anne Marsh and Daniel Palmer, 2015) and Photography and Its Publics (with Edward Welch, 2020).
Research interests
Photography history and theory, intercultural relations.