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Patrick Rössler is Professor of communications and empirical research methods at the University of Erfurt, Germany. His research has concentrated on media effects, political communication, and the history of visual communication. His books include, among others, 'The Bauhaus and Public Relations: Communication in a Permanent State of Crisis' (London / New York 2014); 'Iconic magazines. Highlights of the German Popular Press 1918-1945' (Munich 2016); 'bauhaus.typography' (Berlin 2017); 'Bauhaus Bodies. Gender, Sexuality, and Body Culture in Modernism’s Legendary Art School' (ed., with E. Otto; New York / London 2019); 'Bauhaus Women. A Global Perspective' (ed., with E. Otto; London etc. 2019); and 'Bauhausmädels. A Tribute to Pioneering Women Artists' (Cologne 2019). He worked as a curator on a divers range of topics from art and media history in Germany, France, the U.S. and Japan; including the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and the Bauhaus Museum/Klassik Stiftung Weimar. Selected exhibitions (with academic catalogues) are 'The Bauhaus at the Newsstand' (Berlin, Weimar 2007/09); 'Herbert Bayer: Die Berliner Jahre. Werbegrafik 1928-1938' (Berlin, Mainz 2013/14); 'New Typographies. Bauhaus & beyond. 100 years of Functional Graphic Design in Germany' (Erfurt, Gotha 2017/19); '4 “Bauhausmädels”' (Erfurt, Berlin 2019). His research project 'Bauhaus Networks in Exile' (1933-1945) provided the first comprehensive overview of all Bauhaus members, open to the public online [] (funded by the German Science Foundation, 2013 – 2016; together with Prof. Dr. Magdalena Droste).
Research interests
history of visual communication, the Bauhaus, new typography, magazine design