Panel 10: Postwar Modernities

Panel 10: Postwar Modernities

N Zeynep Kürük-Erçetin
The American image in the Turkish context: A close reading of the translated content in Resimli Hayat magazine

In the 1950s, Turkey underwent an extensive transformation as a result of global and domestic political developments. Following the end of World War II, a new power struggle began between the USA and the USSR. Turkey had to choose a side in this new struggle. more…

Roozbeh Seyedi
Fight for what? The forgotten “Revolutionary Spirit” of modern art in Iran

Modernist art movements in the global South commonly confronted an inherent dilemma; to reconcile the particularity of their “national” culture with an apparently universal aesthetics of modern art. Consequently, these movements often relied and contributed in construction of “cultural heritage” as a main source of inspiration, more…

Anne Reynes-Delobel
Caliban (1947-51): A forum on the future of Europe

This presentation seeks to investigate the question of modernity and national identity in the French magazine Caliban (1947-1951). Officially launched in 1947, Caliban finds its origins in a short-lived Resistance publication called Le Français dans la clandestinité created by Pierre de Vaumécourt, Paul-Léon Pierrat and Daniel Bernstein in 1941. more…

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