Panel 3: Youthful Identities

Panel 3: Youthful Identities

Richard Junger
“The young man of to-day is not the young man of fifty years ago”: The changing image of United States men as portrayed in cover art of popular periodicals, 1880-1920

In the decades after the United States Civil War ended in 1865, the country’s men were portrayed frequently through the veterans who had fought in and survived that great war. The immediate succeeding generations were always seen in their shadows. more…

Elena Ogliari
Negotiating modernity and tradition in Irish periodicals for juveniles (1910s-1920s)

The presentation will address aspects of the multifaceted and often very intense relationship between modernity and national identity in early-twentieth-century Ireland as it was represented and discussed in the contemporary nationalist Irish periodicals intended for juveniles. more…

Christophe Premat
Promoting youth between the two world wars: The case of the magazine Télémaque in France in 1934

The magazine Télémaque was a bi-monthly magazine that aimed to reach out to a young audience with topics such as sport, culture and education. It mixed comics, pictures and competitions for the readers. Four numbers were published in 1934 that give an accurate impression of how youth was integrated in a national narrative. more…

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