Panel 6: Latin America – Transitional Cultures

Panel 6: Latin America – Transitional Cultures

Laura Fólica
Between the local and the international: The role of literary translation in Revista Nosotros (1907-1943)

In this presentation, I will analyse the role of translation of foreign literature in the construction of a national identity, through a popular Argentinean magazine: Revista Nosotros (1907-1943). This magazine played an active part in the debate around a national or a Hispanic integration, more…

Hanno Ehrlicher and Jörg Lehmann
Indigenism as nationalism: The case of Amauta

The avant-garde magazine Amauta (Lima 1926-1930) was inspired by the post-revolutionary art of Mexico. These influences fostered the project of a transnational, strongly socialist community of intellectuals and of the creation of an “Indio-American” identity, for which this magazine stands in an exemplary way. more…

Claudia Cedeño
The ancient and the modern woman in Mexican Folkways

Despite the ephemeral nature of magazines, their visual discourses have longer-lasting permanence in their readers. These symbolic visualizations can allocate different meanings such as sexual and racial difference, or conventions of gender performance. more…

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