Panel 9: Transnationalism

Panel 9: Transnationalism

Carey Snyder
The global dialogics of The New Age

The London-based weekly The New Age, edited by A. R. Orage from 1907 to 1922, was known for promoting spirited debates on politics, literature, and the arts. Scholars have been attentive to what Ann Ardis terms the magazine’s “unusual commitment to […] Bakhtinian dialogics in the public sphere,” but less so to the role that the letters column played in these contentious, often transnational debates. more…

Nissa Ren Cannon
American on Sundays: The Paris Tribune’s Sunday magazine section

From 1919 until 1934, the Chicago Tribune published a daily newspaper for the many Americans living in and visiting Paris. In February of 1924, the Paris Tribune, as it was familiarly known, sought to establish a voice as a cultural critic by delivering a weekly “Sunday Magazine Section” along with the paper. more…

Jaleen Grove
Magazine Digest: A Forgotten Jewish-Canadian Alternative to Cultural Nationalism

This paper introduces and traces the history of the now-obscure Magazine Digest, a general-interest periodical based in Toronto 1930-1949. Garnering only the barest of mentions in histories of publishing and of Canadian Jews, it has apparently been overlooked, more…

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