Conference programme

Keynote presentations

Professor Patrick Rössler (University of Erfurt)

Spearheading the iconic turn: A survey of illustrated magazines during the interwar period – the example of Germany

Professor Faye Hammill (University of Glasgow)

Travel as nationalist practice in Canadian magazines

Professor Claire Lindsay (University College London)

The magazine in post-revolutionary Mexico: Archive, store, and history

Professor Michel Hockx (University of Notre Dame)

Modern Chinese magazines and moral censorship

Week One

Professor Andrew Thacker (Nottingham Trent University), Future States co-director

Week One, Opening Remarks

Keynotes: Prof Patrick Rössler, Prof Faye Hammill

Panel 1: Francophone Modernities

Dr Chara Kolokytha: Le Génie du Nord: Sélection and the advocacy of an international “Nordic” culture

Prof Adrien Rannaud: To be or not to be modern: The paradox of modernity in French-Canadian magazines during the 1930s

Laura Truxa: Visual modernism and its others in VU

Panel 2: The Soviet World

Dr John Etty: Performing ideology: Communism and modernism in Soviet graphic satire

Phaedra Claeys: Safeguarding Russian culture as a cultural reality or as a cultural construct? The case of the news magazine Illustrated Russia

Dr Michael Erdman: Issue: class, volume: nation : Periodicals in the construction of Soviet Turkic identities

Panel 3: Youthful Identities

Prof Richard Junger: “The young man of to-day is not the young man of fifty years ago”: The changing image of United States men as portrayed in cover art of popular periodicals, 1880-1920

Dr Elena Ogliari: Negotiating modernity and tradition in Irish periodicals for juveniles (1910s-1920s)

Dr Christophe Premat: Promoting youth between the two world wars: The case of the magazine Télémaque in France in 1934

Panel 4: Australia – Home and Abroad

Dr Susann Liebich and Prof Victoria Kuttainen: Currents of international travel: Australian magazines and travel writing about the Asia-Pacific in the 1920s and 1930s

Dr Louise Edensor: The Native Companion: E. J Brady’s ‘home-grown’ literature and modernist aesthetics

Prof Melissa Miles: The city, race and labour in Australian design magazines of the 1930s

Panel 5: The Power of Photography

Dr Emma West: “The Greater Britain of Fascists”: Politics and photomontage in Action (1936-1940)

Giulia Pra Floriani: Transmediality and the construction of a national imagery: Portraits of Republican leaders in the Chinese popular media (1912-1913)

Josie Johnson: Mutable modernity: Margaret Bourke-White’s Soviet photographs in magazines

Week Two

Dr Tim Satterthwaite (University of Brighton), Future States co-director 

Week Two, Opening Remarks

Keynotes: Prof Claire Lindsay, Prof Michel Hockx

Panel 6: Latin America – Transitional Cultures

Dr Laura Fólica: Between the local and the international: The role of literary translation in Revista Nosotros (1907-1943)

Prof Hanno Ehrlicher and Dr Jörg Lehmann: Indigenism as nationalism: The case of Amauta

Claudia Cedeño: The ancient and the modern woman in Mexican Folkways

Panel 7: The Age of Extremes

Prof Konrad Dussel: Pictures for German communists: The newspaper supplement Der Rote Stern (The Red Star) in the Weimar Republic

Prof Vike Martina Plock: Klaus Mann’s Decision: The unfinished story of a modernist magazine

Prof Antonella Pelizzari: Modernity and distraction in Fascist Italy: Photography in 1930s Rizzoli illustrated periodicals

Panel 8: Representing the Modern

Dr Jean-Louis Marin-Lamellet: Scrambling for a cooperative future: The Arena magazine, reform discourses and the production of national identity (1889-1909)

Dr Margaret Innes: Photo-History and radical print media’s national turn

Pedro Castelo: Nationalism and modernity: A cultural and intellectual debate in Portuguese architectural magazines of the mid-century

Panel 9: Transnationalism

Prof Carey Snyder: The global dialogics of The New Age

Dr Nissa Ren Cannon: American on Sundays: The Paris Tribune’s Sunday magazine section

Dr Jaleen Grove: Magazine Digest: A Forgotten Jewish-Canadian Alternative to Cultural Nationalism

Panel 10: Postwar Modernities

N Zeynep Kürük-Erçetin: The American image in the Turkish context: A close reading of the translated content in Resimli Hayat magazine

Roozbeh Seyedi: Fight for what? The forgotten “Revolutionary Spirit” of modern art in Iran

Prof Anne Reynes-Delobel: Caliban (1947-51): A forum on the future of Europe

Week Three


Professor Barbara Green (University of Notre Dame)
Conference closing remarks

Roundtable: discussion forum