Conference programme

Keynote presentations

Professor Patrick Rössler (University of Erfurt)

Spearheading the iconic turn: A survey of illustrated magazines during the interwar period – the example of Germany

Professor Faye Hammill (University of Glasgow)

Travel as nationalist practice in Canadian magazines

Professor Claire Lindsay (University College London)

The magazine in post-revolutionary Mexico: Archive, store, and history

Professor Michel Hockx (University of Notre Dame)

Modern Chinese magazines and moral censorship

Week One

Professor Andrew Thacker (Nottingham Trent University), Future States co-director

Week One, Opening Remarks   (LIVE)

Keynotes: Prof Patrick Rössler, Prof Faye Hammill   (LIVE)

Panel 1: Francophone Modernities   (LIVE)

Dr Chara Kolokytha: Le Génie du Nord: Sélection and the advocacy of an international “Nordic” culture

Prof Adrien Rannaud: To be or not to be modern: The paradox of modernity in French-Canadian magazines during the 1930s

Laura Truxa: Visual modernism and its others in VU

Panel 2: The Soviet World   (LIVE)

Dr John Etty: Performing ideology: Communism and modernism in Soviet graphic satire

Phaedra Claeys: Safeguarding Russian culture as a cultural reality or as a cultural construct? The case of the news magazine Illustrated Russia

Dr Michael Erdman: Issue: class, volume: nation : Periodicals in the construction of Soviet Turkic identities

Panel 3: Youthful Identities   (LIVE)

Prof Richard Junger: “The young man of to-day is not the young man of fifty years ago”: The changing image of United States men as portrayed in cover art of popular periodicals, 1880-1920

Dr Elena Ogliari: Negotiating modernity and tradition in Irish periodicals for juveniles (1910s-1920s)

Dr Christophe Premat: Promoting youth between the two world wars: The case of the magazine Télémaque in France in 1934

Panel 4: Australia – Home and Abroad   (LIVE)

Dr Susann Liebich and Prof Victoria Kuttainen: Currents of international travel: Australian magazines and travel writing about the Asia-Pacific in the 1920s and 1930s

Dr Louise Edensor: The Native Companion: E. J Brady’s ‘home-grown’ literature and modernist aesthetics

Prof Melissa Miles: The city, race and labour in Australian design magazines of the 1930s

Panel 5: The Power of Photography    (LIVE)

Dr Emma West: “The Greater Britain of Fascists”: Politics and photomontage in Action (1936-1940)

Giulia Pra Floriani: Transmediality and the construction of a national imagery: Portraits of Republican leaders in the Chinese popular media (1912-1913)

Josie Johnson: Mutable modernity: Margaret Bourke-White’s Soviet photographs in magazines

Week Two

Dr Tim Satterthwaite (University of Brighton), Future States co-director 

Week Two, Opening Remarks   (LIVE)

Keynotes: Prof Claire Lindsay, Prof Michel Hockx   (LIVE)

Panel 6: Latin America – Transitional Cultures   (LIVE)

Dr Laura Fólica: Between the local and the international: The role of literary translation in Revista Nosotros (1907-1943)

Prof Hanno Ehrlicher and Dr Jörg Lehmann: Indigenism as nationalism: The case of Amauta

Claudia Cedeño: The ancient and the modern woman in Mexican Folkways

Panel 7: The Age of Extremes   (LIVE)

Prof Konrad Dussel: Pictures for German communists: The newspaper supplement Der Rote Stern (The Red Star) in the Weimar Republic

Prof Vike Martina Plock: Klaus Mann’s Decision: The unfinished story of a modernist magazine

Prof Antonella Pelizzari: Modernity and distraction in Fascist Italy: Photography in 1930s Rizzoli illustrated periodicals

Panel 8: Representing the Modern    (LIVE)

Dr Jean-Louis Marin-Lamellet: Scrambling for a cooperative future: The Arena magazine, reform discourses and the production of national identity (1889-1909)

Dr Margaret Innes: Photo-History and radical print media’s national turn

Pedro Castelo: Nationalism and modernity: A cultural and intellectual debate in Portuguese architectural magazines of the mid-century

Panel 9: Transnationalism    (LIVE)

Prof Carey Snyder: The global dialogics of The New Age

Dr Nissa Ren Cannon: American on Sundays: The Paris Tribune’s Sunday magazine section

Dr Jaleen Grove: Magazine Digest: A Forgotten Jewish-Canadian Alternative to Cultural Nationalism

Panel 10: Postwar Modernities    (9 April)

N Zeynep Kürük-Erçetin: The American image in the Turkish context: A close reading of the translated content in Resimli Hayat magazine

Roozbeh Seyedi: Fight for what? The forgotten “Revolutionary Spirit” of modern art in Iran

Prof Anne Reynes-Delobel: Caliban (1947-51): A forum on the future of Europe

Week Three

Plenary   (14 April)

Professor Barbara Green (University of Notre Dame)
Conference closing remarks

Professor John Wyver (University of Westminster)
Conference closing remarks

Roundtable: discussion forum