Presentation materials

Presentation materials

Nissa Ren Cannon: American on Sundays: The Paris Tribune‘s Sunday magazine section

Cannon, American on Sundays, reading list

Phaedra Claeys: Safeguarding Russian culture as a cultural reality or as a cultural construct? The case of the news magazine Illustrated Russia

Illjustrirovannaja Rossīja (Illustrated Russia) online archive

Jaleen Grove: Magazine Digest: The visual rhetoric of a Canadian Jewish magazine before and during wartime

Grove, Magazine Digest, reading list

Grove, Magazine Digest, index 1944

Chara Kolokytha: Le Génie du Nord: Sélection and the advocacy of an international “Nordic” culture

Kolokytha, Le Genie du Nord, reading list

Jörg Lehmann and Hanno Ehrlicher: Indigenism as nationalism: The case of Amauta

Lehmann and Ehrlicher, Indigenism as nationalism, appendix

Jean-Louis Marin-Lamellet: Scrambling for a cooperative future: The Arena magazine, reform discourses and the production of national identity (1889-1909)

Marin-Lamellet, Scrambling for a Competitive Future, reading list

Melissa Miles: The city, race, and labour in Australian design magazines of the 1930s

Miles, City, race, and labour, reading list

Antonella Pelizzari: Modernity and distraction in Fascist Italy: Photography in 1930s Rizzoli illustrated periodicals

Pelizzari, Modernity and distraction, reading list

Anne Reynes-Delobel: Caliban (1947-51): A forum on the future of Europe

Reynes-Delobel, Caliban, reading list

Laura Truxa: Visual modernism and its others in VU

Truxa, Visual modernism, reading list

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